My Project

After reflecting on my current portfolio, when it comes to system design, I felt I would need to create a game like Grouse Platformer in that the mechanics are required to complete the game. Because of this I am choosing the create another platformer (2D space). Another thing to note about my previous works is that they are all single-player games. Although there is nothing wrong with this, I felt that it would be a good idea to have a multiplayer/co-op game in my portfolio. Combining the platformer idea with this, I have decided to do a 2-player co-op platformer. Where the 2 players need to work together  to navigate through each level. By creating a co-op game this will give me more knowledge on the C# code needed from multiplayer games, as well as, creating mechanics that can only be achieved through teamwork/cooperation. Apart from the multiplayer aspect which I don’t have anything in my portfolio, the question can be asked is this filling a hole in my resume (as I’ve already got a platformer and have shown that I am able to create mechanics). Yes and no, however I feel when it comes to system design, having a large amount of games with varying mechanics in your portfolio showcases that you are able to come up with multiple ideas that are different and able to balance them into a shippable state. Another benefit of creating a platformer is that it will also work on my level design, this works hand in hand with the system design as a level must created in a way that allows the mechanics to shine. Level design typically has been one of my poorer skills and hasn’t really been showcased well in my portfolio, so this game will give me a good chance to show skills in that area.

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