The Two of Us Devlog #1

With my decision to release the game on Steam I have been compiling some changes to make the game before the release. The first change was optimising the joining/hosting of games allowing for local play. In early prototypes I had this set as default but had this taken out for Steam Play. I’ve now figured out the functionality to allow for both and this will be present on release. The second thing I wanted to add was something to make it more specific to Steam. I will be adding Steam Achievements which can be obtained throughout gameplay. To make use off all the features of this, the game will be getting track of certain stats while you play for lifetime achievements. There will only be session specific achievements, as well as hidden achievements. Once I have the achievements code figured out and roughly implemented, I will be adding additional levels to the game also. While the game is being developed, feel free to contact me as I have beta keys which can give you access to the current state of the game.

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