The Two of Us

At the completion of the semester I was able to finish a demo for my 2D Co-op Platformer The Two of Us. As mentioned in a previous blog post, this game was intended for me to fill a gap in my portfolio, which I believe it did. The mechanics/features I implemented were well done and polished which allowed players to navigate through levels seamlessly. At the final presentation for this assessment piece we were lucky enough to have a couple of members from Gameloft Brisbane including Dylan Miklashek (Studio Manager). At the end of the presentation they mentioned to me that they were impressed with the game I was able to produce and it showed off some cool mechanics. The thing that they really thought was impressive was that I was able to create a multiplayer co-op game in the space of 8 weeks and get it to the point that I did.

Overall I am incredibly happy with the project I made but it doesn’t stop here. To make this project stand out more I will be dedicating time during my holidays to work on this project further. Adding additional levels and features, as well as, Steam Achievements as I get it ready to be properly shipped on Steam. I will provide more updates with the status of The Two of Us at a later date.

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