My Current Portfolio

When looking at my current portfolio, I have 3 playable games each of a different genre. The most recent is a Shmup called Midnight Zombie Massacre. In this game I designed 4 weapons which helps the player navigate from wave to wave. These 4 weapons being: A pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher. During playtesting I was able to gauge power of each weapon through the eyes of a naïve play tester and balance each weapon accordingly. While I did design these systems in game, the game itself didn’t require you use all the weapons, and you could easily reach late waves maining just one weapon which I wasn’t overly happy with. The next game in my portfolio is an Applied Game called Catchment Hero without breaking the project brief (more information on the game can be seen on the games page of my portfolio), this project was done in a group, and I was in charge of the systems and a lot of the programming. The core loop was that you would plant/water trees each day and once they were fully grown, they would attract a specific animal. Once the tree was fully grown and kept alive it was passively generating money each day to allow the player to buy more expensive seeds, as well as cosmetic items. During playtesting for this game, I noticed players would only grow a couple of trees and then just spam the next day button to quickly generate money to buy expensive things. A system I then created what that passive income (without trees) would be capped at a certain amount, and I then increased the amount earned while having trees growing making the player need to interface with the content more. With these 2 games I overall was happy with the systems I created however I felt more could have been down to make the player interface with the content as I assumed they would. My best example of this would be the final game currently displayed in my portfolio (also the oldest) Grouse Platformer . This game was made in the space of 2 days (actual dev time displayed on the game the page) . This was a 3D platformer which required the user to use items previously picked up to navigate through the level. This sort of game design is popularly seen in Legend of Zelda games where you receive an item and for the rest of that dungeon you use that item to navigate the level. Out of all my games currently this is the one where the player needs to use all the items to beat the game and not just “cheese” one broken item.

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